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Scrapbook & Photos of Our Friends

Girl's Garage Night at Grove Harley Shop


 At Girl's Garage Night, the doors are locked and women who have registered to attend are welcomed into the Harley Shop for the evening.  Motor Maids, Sales folks from Grove, David & I were there to answer questions and show the ladies around.  FUN FUN FUN!!!!!


You'll look silly without the right gear!  :) 

It's not enough to just OWN protective gear. Make sure you always WEAR a helmet, gloves, boots, goggles or a face mask, and a long sleeved shirt when you ride.  

(It should FIT PROPERLY too!) 


Small classes provide a chance to spend the day learning a new hobby or developing skills together.  They also give riders a great opportunity to meet new pals.  These two father/son teams had a great day learning to ride and cheering  each other on while everyone learned something new.

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