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Virginia Rider Training Program - Motorcycle Rider Course

The MSF Beginning Rider Course is approved by the Virginia Rider Training Program and the DMV. It was designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Learn the fundamentals of motorcycle operation and practice streetriding strategies.  A passing grade in this one-weekend course will allow you to waive both the knowledge test and the skills test at the Virginia DMV. That means that if you pass the course, you will get your motorcycle license and you may be eligible for discounts on your motorcycle insurance. To enroll, you must be at least 16 years old and eligible to receive your motorcycle license—you do not need a motorcycle license or learner's permit to attend our classes. The cost or the Beginning Rider course is and a motorcycle is provided for you.  The fee for this class is $235.00


The BRC2 (Formally the Experienced Rider Course)  is for riders who already have their motorcycle license and want to boost their riding skills in a controlled environment.  Participants in this half-day program ride  their own motorcycles while practicing excercises  developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  The fee for this class is $100.00

The Three Wheeled Course Can-Am’s, Trikes and Sidecars are provided – You may use your own three wheels if desired. Please read below to see if your three wheel motorcycle meets the Programs requirements for use:

This program is designed to teach the novice or experienced sidecar or trike rider the skills necessary to safely operate a three-wheeled vehicle on the street, even if you have never ridden any kind of motorcycle. The 16-hour course takes the rider through the basics of motorcycle operation (controls are much the same as a two wheeled motorcycle), effective braking, turning skills and obstacle avoidance, as well as safe riding strategies. The course consists of both classroom instruction and hands-on riding instruction. All riding is done on a closed course. You may bring your own rig to use in the class provided: The rig must be a three-wheeled, motorcycle based, trike or sidecar rig (the rider sits astride the rig over the engine) such as the Harley Davidson factory trike, Can Am Spyder or a permanent conversion such as Motortrike, Lehman, California Sidecar, etc. We cannot allow add on “trike” kits such as the “Voyager” as these vehicles actually have 4 wheels. Your vehicle will be looked at by the instructors for a determination of whether or not the rig is appropriate for use on the range. The final say as to whether or not your rig may be used in the class is at the Instructors discretion. If you choose to use your own rig, you must provide evidence of insurance and proof of ownership. If you do not own the rig, you must provide written permission from the owner.




Motorcycle Basic Rider Course students will need to bring:


~ A DOT approved ¾ or full face helmet

    ( We have a limited number of helmets available for students to borrow.  Helmets need to fit properly, so please call ahead to see if we have one that will fit you.) 

~ Full finger gloves

~ Above the ankle boots

~ Long sleeved shirt

~ Long pants (at least jeans)








 You may also want to bring rain gear (we ride rain or shine!), sunscreen or bug repellent, and snacks, drinks or lunch along.  There are vending machines available at the Motorcycle training facility.  


Please contact us for more information. 

Call us to find out how to receive a waiver for your motorcycle license from our school in Fulks Run, Virginia.

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